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I've been a musician since I was 5 years old, playing drums, bass, and guitar. I used to exclusively perform in the evangelical church until I turned 18. Now, I work in the music industry as a whole. My main instrument is the keyboard and synthesizers, but I still maintain constant contact with all other instruments in the studio. Being a multi-instrumentalist gives me a significant advantage in music production and arrangement, as I have multiple reference points to explore. At 31 years old, I'm at the peak of my musical career, always striving to evolve and stay updated with musical trends. Music is my life, 24/7!


Come produce your music with a guy who lives music 24/7 and will give his best so that your music expresses what you want to convey to your audience!


Are you looking for a keyboardist to record keyboards for your music? Are you looking for someone to arrange your music? Don't hesitate to get a quote today!

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